‘Transgender Moms’ Get Legal Rights In 2016 Mother’s Day by President Obama

‘Transgender Moms’ Get Legal Rights In 2016 Mother’s Day by President Obama


President Obama in 2016 Mother’s day proclamation, has given identity to a new class of mothers: transgenders.

 “On Mother’s Day, we celebrate those who are first to welcome us into the world,” Obama began. “Performing the most important work there is, mothers – biological, foster, or adoptive – are our first role models and earliest motivators. They balance enormous responsibilities and shape who we become as adults, their lessons guiding us through life.”

The president continued, “Regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status, mothers have always moved our nation forward and remained steadfast in their pursuit of a better and brighter future for their children.”

The inclusion of “gender identity” in the White House proclamation is a new development this year. In 2015, Obama didn’t include it but gave a shout-out to mothers who are “married or single, LGBT or straight, biological, adoptive, or foster.” And in 2014, the Mother’s Day announcement was even more straightforward, with no mention of sexual preference or gender identity at all.
Obama has a personal history with transgender maternal figures. According to several reports, when he was a young boy in Indonesia, Obama had a nanny who was a gay transgender man known as “Evie.”


 “Evie,” who often dressed in drag when leaving the house, made the 8-year-old Obama laugh when he wore his mother’s makeup, the London Daily Mail reported.
“He was so young, and I never let him see me wearing women’s clothes,” “Evie” told the Daily Mail in 2012. “But he did see me trying on his mother’s lipstick, sometimes. That used to really crack him up.”
“Evie” became a prostitute after Obama left and now lives in a slum, according to the report.

Obama’s announcement comes amid a flurry of news developments involving transgender issues. In North Carolina, lawmakers adopted a law in March requiring people to use gender-designated public facilities that correspond to the gender listed on their driver’s license. The aim was to protect women and children from being confronted by a naked man. But the U.S. Department of Justice this week threatened the state with financial penalties, claiming the law violates the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

And on April 19, Target publicized its policy allowing people to use restrooms and changing facilities that correspond to their gender identity. The American Family Association launched a boycott Target petition that’s moving beyond 1.2 million signatures.

The transgender campaign even has affected the NCAA, which said Wednesday it is now protecting “participants and spectators from discrimination.” That’s happening through new rules that will need cities or states wishing to hold NCAA events to “demonstrate how they will offer an environment that is safe, healthy, and free of discrimination, plus safeguards the dignity of everyone involved in the event.”

Yet another battle front chosen by the Obama administration to expand alternative sexual lifestyles is the college campus. The Department of Education has launched a website critics say is dedicated to the “shaming” of Christian colleges that follow biblical principles and not a leftist social agenda.  The “shame list” posted online by the Department of Education features colleges that have sought exemptions to Title IX requirements that give special treatment to transgender.