You Can Trick Your Brain, To See A Black and White Image...

You Can Trick Your Brain, To See A Black and White Image As Colored One!


Cone cells that is inside our retina can trick us by showing black and white pictures in full color. Such an optical illusion is too crazy to experience. Cone cells are the one of the  photoreceptors cells within our retina. This in specific is sensitive to three different colors such as green, red and blue lights that varies from person to person. In stronger light it functions very well and they are responsible for our color vision. For this reason the low lights are not very well-recognized and so the rod cells takes over. Finally, if these cone cells are exposed to more intense colors they fail to recognize as they become weary. In contrary to that they will lose their sensitivity and move towards the complementary color. “To use this in an optical illusion, a researcher has a participant stare at an image with intense false color for a few seconds while the brain adapts. Then, the image suddenly flips back to black and white, but to the participant, it appears as a true color image before slowly adjusting back to normal. It’s a neat trick that you can try for yourself in the above video”.