Shooting Landscapes With Telephoto Lenses

Shooting Landscapes With Telephoto Lenses


How to Shoot Series 2 :

Landscapes Photographs are Typically Shot in Wide Angle lenses. Nope..You Can Create Magical Compositions With Telephoto Lenses..

Human Eye Perspective :

The 50 MM on a Full frame is What the Perspective of What a Human Eye can see. Anything Below be it 35 MM or 24 mm or 16 MM will Make the Forground Look Larger and Background Look Smaller for a Typical Landscape Shot. Then Comes the Regular rule with Landscapes having a Forground,Center and Background to make a Balanced Landscape Shot. a Wideangle Makes the Foreground Larger and background Smaller but the Telephoto Makes the Background Larger and the Forground a Little Smaller but the Right Choice of Framing and the End product duly  lies on a Photographers Perspective on how the Framing is done.

Adding Right Elements into the Frame :

Framing is the Key to Landscape Photography Specially while using Telephoto Lenses. Adding Right Elements in the Framing and Balancing the Frame with elements in right propositions from Left to right or Top to bottom Will add more Dramatic quality to the Image.

The Golden Hour :

Most Landscapes are Made in Golden Hours but Landscapes can be Shot with Telephoto lenses even in Broad Daylight as you would Make the Frames Tighter by Include Less of Sky,Even a Flat light could make brilliant images by Lowering Unwanted Contrast.

The Equipment And Weather :

1) Use a Sturdy Tripod

2) Use Creative Filters to make the Images far more Interesting. PS the Filters used in Wideangle May not Fit into a Telephoto Lens coz of the Diameter.

3) Beware of the Wind. For the Telephoto Lenses with This length even a tiny shake would result in blurred images.

4) Enable Mirror Lockup Function if your Camera has one to Reduce Camera Shake.

5) Shoot with Cable release for Sharper Photographs.

I Prefer to Find Abstract Landscape Compositions at times and Telephoto Lenses help me a Lot. For one Reason For the Aperture it Offers. My Canon 70-200 F2.8 IS L II and 500 F4 Gives me a Minimum Aperture of F32 where as the Wideangle lenses are restricted to F22.


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