No Money? No Worries! You Can Make Video With Just a GoPRO...

No Money? No Worries! You Can Make Video With Just a GoPRO and a Coat Hanger


Make your footage more interesting by adding motion to it. There are plenty of options for you to give or add motion to the video. But from all these one unique method is what shown by Matt and Kim’s Let’s Run AwayThey needed to do something different and went on to shoot their footage with Nicolas Vuignier’s Centriphone technique. They only need a coat hanger and GoPro for doing it.

This pair is known for trying to push the limits with their music videos, they certainly pushed the limits of their budget as the result of this.

For this, you can’t just tie some wire to a coat hanger, strap on a GoPro and away you go.  Like the Centriphone, you need to stabilize the “rig”, so that your camera’s pointing the right way and not just wildly tumbling out of control.

So, a fin is added to one side of the hanger, turning it into a sort of “tail”, which keeps it smooth and level while spinning.