How to Shoot Long Exposure Photographs

How to Shoot Long Exposure Photographs


How to Shoot Series : Part 1 

How to Shoot Waterfalls

People Often ask me How do i Make Long Exposure Waterfalls. Will try to make this writeup Minimalistic and Easy to Understand.

1) Lower Your ISO to 100 or 50 (Which ever is the Lowest in your Camera)
2) A Sturdy Tripod is the Must for All kinds of Long Exposure Photography.
3) Have a Cable release Handy (Remote or Wired)
4) Choose a Wide angle Lens (or a lens with Focal length based on your composition)

5) Compose The Frame and Focus your Image

6) Add ND Filter into your lens after composing. An ND Filter restricts the Amount of Light entering into the Camera Sensor. ND filter comes in Different Density Value from 0.3 to Even 10 Stops. ND Filters Comes in Circular & Slide form. I Use ND Filters and Grand ND for few of my Waterfall Images as Slides allow me to Stack one over the other without worrying about lens vignetting. The reason Why i Insisted on Framing and Focussing before mounting the filter is coz after adding the filter the Image becomes dark and its hard for one to focus and make proper compositions.(PS : You may not need a ND filter if the place is dark enough). ND is just a Black glass which restricts light into the sensor.
8) Choose a Aperture over F11 for bigger DOF.
9) Choose a Shutter value below 1/15 seconds to suit your Creative Need.
10) Always Shoot with Remote trigger as a small vibration made while clicking an image could ruin the sharpness.

You are Done .. 🙂
This Photo was shot at deep interiors of Tamil nadu which made us travel for around 6 hours and the journey was truly challenging. This place has lots of similarities between Grand Canyon. Every step needs to be carefully made as we were walking over small water pits which was some 10 feet in depth. The Monopods Came handy to measure the depth. After deciding the frame i was waiting for light to go down and this picture was made around 6.00 pm.
Canon 5D MK II

Canon 16-35 F2.8 L

15 seconds

F 16

ISO 50

Gitzo Tripod Mounted.

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