Huawei caught again Fooling Buyers

Huawei caught again Fooling Buyers

With the Photography industry booming, Smartphone manufacturer's are no behind in cashing out the demand by packing edge cutting technology in their smartphone devices when it comes to Pro Camera features.


Huawei caught again Fooling Buyers…

Huawei fakes their Smartphone Selfie click on Nova 3i by a professional Camera in their latest advertisement 

With the Photography industry booming, Smartphone manufacturer’s are no behind in cashing out the demand by packing cutting edge technology in their smartphone devices when it comes to Pro Camera features.

There is a high demand in the industry for stunning picture / video capable smartphones. When it comes to taking selfies, expectations are no less.

Huawei - Nova 3i - Fake Selfie

With high demand, there is a huge competition, as well, in the smartphone industry to survive and lead the market. Every now and then we keep hearing launch of new smartphone models with brilliant features from different manufacturers.

Huawei, recently launched Nova 3i with brilliant specifications packed in their smartphone with 4 Ai Cameras. 2 front Cameras having 24 MP + 2 MP resolutions and 2 Rear Cameras having 16 MP + 2 MP resolutions, respectively. Manufacturer claims these Camera’s to be built in with Ai capabilities having scene recognition features which can give accurate colors.

With front facing camera packing in so much of MegaPixels, plus dual lenses, would easily attract one to give it a try. The advertisement by the company claiming to have selfies taken by their Huawei Nova 3i front turns out to be fake.

The actress, Sarah Elshamy, in the advertisement, had shared the behind the scene image of advertisement showing the set up used for shooting the image used in the advertisement as a selfie shot. The selfie in the advertisement instead was shot on a professional Camera.

 Huawei Fake Selfie

The actress later removed the post from her instagram profile.

This info was originally shared by a reddit user AbdullahSab3 in his post.

Huawei in their comment to CNET told that a disclaimer at the end of the video outlines the images and content shown in the advertisement “are for reference only”.

Photo of the disclaimer, that one can barely see…

Fake Huawei Selfie Discalimer

So, don’t always believe in what you see.

According to the Huawei, Nova 3i’s camera can detect 22 different scenes from 500 different scenarios and can adjust settings accordingly. Resulting in good quality images. This AI scene detection mode works for both rear and front dual cameras.

They also claim: With the help of AI gallery one can search specific photographs out of thousands stacked in the gallery by typing key words, e.g. typing ‘Noida food’ in search window of gallery will show all photographs of food clicked in Noida.

Now, it is up to the buyer’s to decide what to believe and what not to. Don’t just get carried away by stunning specifications of a smartphone that a manufacturer calims, but also look for expert reviews, real time reviews from other buyers, before you decide to buy a smartphone.

If you are already one of the users of this phone, share your experience in the comments section. Share your photos with us shot on the phone.

You can also let us know, which smartphone according to you has the best performing camera.

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