Facebook removed Masika Allan’s ‘ Dudoir Photographs ‘ saying it as Sexist...

Facebook removed Masika Allan’s ‘ Dudoir Photographs ‘ saying it as Sexist Double Standard



May’s Photography is a widely known photography page of a Vancouver Island photographer ‘ Masika May ‘ . On recent days there was the time when May had posted a ‘ Dudoir album ‘ which reached 100,000 shares within 24 hours even before it was eliminated by the Facebook on Wednesday night .

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Facebook says that the compilation of ‘ Dudoir ‘ photographs was abolished, as it was found to be the sexist double standard by the censorship. It additionally said that the session was laid open to ‘nudity’ but May told that her subject was never undraped during the session.


“He was wearing tighty whiteys in every photo – they’re not naked,” she said, and had told that someone should have lodged it to Facebook by flagging it as offensive photographs.

“There is one photo in the bath but he’s covered in bubbles and you certainly can’t see anything.”

The subject is a thick friend of her and the photographs were taken in a jocular way as it was his request to make it as a photo album and to be presented on his wife’s birthday .

The album has all the sensuous postures of a bushy husband in a taut underwear. The photos were uploaded in Facebook on Tuesday when he gifted his wife the fulfilled product on her birthday .

“She just loved it,” May said.

“There is a double standard,” May said.

“I have boudoir photos of women with no tops on and their boobs just covered by their hands, so it’s strange to me that someone found the ‘dudeoir’ photos so offensive that they reported them.”

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And she added that Facebook had warned if it in future receives any flagship against any of her post the whole page would be thrashed and expelled from Facebook.

“It’s frustrating because if it happens again because I’m at risk of my whole photography site being taken down,” she said.

May re-posted the ‘ Dudoir album ‘ to her website Thursday morning.


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