5 Reasons, Why Professional Photographers don’t come so Cheap

5 Reasons, Why Professional Photographers don’t come so Cheap

5 Reasons, Why Professional Photographers don't come so Cheap
When it comes to pay for Photography Services, the most common Phrase any Photographer would hear is “You are Charging so High, Why so much just for 2 hours job, I just need 50 pictures, and so on”. Well many don’t understand why Photographers don’t come so Cheap, as one would expect. Let me list out few interesting facts:

1. A Professional Photographer is a Luxury

Skills and knowledge that a Professional Photographer posses doesn’t come for free. It’s a luxury to enjoy the services of a Professional. A professional Photographer knows, how the event needs to be captured and the  best possible way to tell the story in a creative way for the event you hired him / her for. He / She knows how to make you go wow! for the Photographs that you are expecting. He knows how to make you or the model comfortable in front of the Camera, and above all he knows how to make you or the model look good in the picture. He doesn’t just take pictures in the Automatic mode, but this involves a lot of thought process before he presses the shutter. To do the complete justice, one could say, a Professional Photographer doesn’t just takes the shot, but every time He / She clicks, it’s an attempt to make a picture.

2. Time is Money

A Photography Assignment which requires to cover an event of 2-4 hours, or even an hour shoot, actually requires several hours of preparation and weeks of post processing.  It’s not just the shoot, but one needs to devote a lot of time in Post processing to give the pictures an artistic / creative feel, as well as all the necessary basic editing like Color Correction, Cropping, Selecting the relevant / good images, etc. It’s a very tedious job, which often a client doesn’t see.

3. Photography Equipment 

Photography equipment that a Professional Photographer carries comes very expensive. They don’t compromise when it comes to quality. They always have to spend a huge amount of money to get the gears which would give them the optimum result. To keep up with the latest updates, they have to keep spending money on those fancy gears to be able to come up to the expectations of the ever rising demands of a client.

4. Miscellaneous Costs that only a Photographer could see

A professional Photographer may have to pay for Premium services that he has opted to get the orders, it could be a paid service at some website and / or his own website. These things keep burning a big hole in the pockets of a Professional Photographer slowly and steadily. He may have to pay the other people involved in the shoot like crew who worked with him, or people who works for him to carry out many necessary day to day activities to maintain his status in the market.

5. Returns

It’s truly said, that one gets what they pay for. In Photography, there is no second chance. A moment gone is a Photo opportunity missed. It’s the job of a Photographer to identify those potential moments, to be at the right position and with the right gear to capture that moment in the best way possible. A pro knows how to deal with these kind of situations. They never back off and always find a solution for whatever tough situation is thrown at them.

So, if you think the job of a Photographer is to just press the shutter button and click a picture, then go through the above points and re-evaluate before quoting them a silly amount for your requirement. One additional point I would like to add is, a Professional Photographer may not be just a Photographer but he may be a CEO, a Director, an Engineer, a Blogger, or he could be anyone with a huge Passion and respect for Photography with exceptional pro skills to carry out the job you hire him for in the best possible way.

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