Movies with Photographers as Protagonists

Movies with Photographers as Protagonists


Photos speak volumes than words. And to capture the essence of a subject in a photograph is no simple job. A photographer has the gift to look at subjects in a different angle from the rest of the people. Furthermore, it has always caught one’s fancy. It hasn’t skipped the film industry’s fascination as well. Many actors have donned the photographer’s hat and have done it with style, dignity and elegance. The several shades to the profession have been highlighted in these movies, sometimes giving us an ethereal feeling. Nevertheless these movies and actors found a place in our hearts with their portrayal and honesty. A selected few movies which had us astounded are listed below.


Rear Window

rear windowAlfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window starring James Stewart is considered one of Hitchcock’s best movies till date. Released in 1954, it stars Stewart as a photographer, who after an accident, is confined to his wheelchair in his apartment. Stewart looks out of the window in his apartment all day and makes some interesting discoveries. This movie showcases the obsession of a photographer to notice every single detail keenly and portrays an alternative side to a photographer.


Blow Upbow upBlow Up starring David Hemmings released in 1966 and was considered to be a huge success with both critical and public acclaim. Hemmings plays a fashion photographer who believes he has captured a murder on his camera by mistake. The plot of the film is quite interesting and shows how a photographer can stretch the horizons of imagination.


One Hour Photo

one hour photo

One Hour Photo which released in 2002 stars Robin Williams in a psychological thriller. Heaping praises and awards for his portrayal of a photographer with shades of grey, Williams had us amazed with his acting prowess. The movie depicts the power of a photograph over one.


Spider Man 


Spider Man stars Tobey Maguire as a photographer who dons the Spider Man suit to save the city from distress. He even captures exclusive pictures of Spider Man, thereby making him a favourite in the office. Though the movie is on Spider Man and how he stops evil, we simply couldn’t let it pass, for who wouldn’t love a super hero who is also a photographer?


Now a few instances from Kollywood,


ko posterKo directed by K.V.Anand stars Jiiva as a photojournalist working for a daily newspaper. This movie highlights the influence and power of photographers and photographs. With strokes of politics and controversies, Ko captures the very essence of a photographer and the profession.


Mayakkam Ennamayakkam ennaMayakkam Enna by Selva raghavan stars Dhanush playing the role of a struggling photographer. Essaying the character of a talented photographer who has been subjected to a lot of hardships, including plagiarism by his mentor, Dhanush truly lived the character making us cry and laugh along with him. The difficulties in becoming a photographer is the focal point of this movie.


Tik! Tik! Tik!

tik tik tikTik! Tik! Tik! has Kamal Haasan playing the role of a photographer who gets embroiled in a murder. Mistaken for the murderer, Kamal Haasan must find who the real murderer is. Tik! Tik! Tik! is a racy thriller which has Kamal Haasan donning the coveted photographer role.

Vanakkam Chennai


Going against the stereotype, Vanakkam Chennai shows Priya Anand as an aspiring photographer, who leaves her home to fulfill her photographic ambitions.It portrays Priya Anand as a strong, independent woman at par with her male counterpart and a great photographer too. And it was refreshing to see a woman don the photographer hat in Tamil cinema.


-Compiled by Aishwarya Valliappan