A Menu of Influence – How photographs of Food Persuade People

A Menu of Influence – How photographs of Food Persuade People


It is a common sight to see people eating at restaurants and cafeterias. If they can’t go to these hotels then, it is delivered right at their doorstep. Some may say the taste of the food is what drives people to these eateries and is the reason behind their success. But credit needs to be given to the pictures of the food in these restaurants.


These pictures are the highlight of commercials which draw thousands of people all over the world. Have you ever found yourself going into a café for coffee but ordering a lot more than that? You may blame your hunger or the waiter who convinced you to get it. But what is more alluring than the food you eat, is the pictures of the food on the menu card which makes you want to order them. They make your mouth water. And at one point you give in to the craving, ordering the very food in the picture.


There is a saying “A picture speaks a thousand words.” In this case, not only does the picture speak, but it persuades you to succumb to your yearning. It communicates with you and convinces you that it is indeed very tasty, thereby making you buy it. It never is known if the food in the picture is real or artificially created. In many instances the food being captured is half-cooked or raw. No matter how realistic and scrumptious the food may look, you can never eat it. Additional colouring agents are also added to the food in order to highlight its state of appeal. The brighter the colour, the more your desire for it grows. The food in the photograph is given as much importance as a model. The appearance of the food is taken utmost care of. The food is styled tastefully, in the same manner a model is beautified. The food being captured is very different from what actually appears on your plate. But its captured in such a way that it looks real and tempting. The essence of the food is brought out through the picture. You can never take your eyes off the picture once you see it. They may allure some people such that they buy it without consideration of hygiene or health. It influences people in taking decisions. A picture grabs attention in less span of time than words. This is made use of wisely by companies. They create a yearning and desire in people through these photographs.


fried rice

This is how pictures of food influence one in real life too. The food may or may not taste good, but the picture is what matters, for it persuades you to buy it. Many are controlled by their cravings for food just by seeing a picture. They go to any length just to get their hands on it. They arouse desires in young and old alike. And the companies succeed in their goal to invoke a curiosity in their customers with these pictures of the food. Not only do they invoke a curiosity but also convince you to buy them.

Thus pictures control a great aspect in ones decision making. Pictures play a major role in the success of a restaurant as much as the taste of the food does. One must keep it in mind at all costs. The more appealing your pictures are, the more it appeals to the public. When a person decides on trying out a restaurant the first thing that crosses his mind is to check out the pictures of the restaurant on the Internet. And in case you have plans of setting up a restaurant, make sure you have the best photos of your food.


-Aishwarya Valliappan