The Black Friday Mad Rush

The Black Friday Mad Rush


The Friday following Thanksgiving has always had shoppers ecstatic. Yes! It’s Black Friday! The name may sound kind of gloomy, but it marks the official start for the Christmas shopping season. And who doesn’t love the festive cheer along with some profitable shopping? Black Friday has people queuing up in front of malls and stores to get the best of deals in many countries. Many people stand in line from midnight to get their hands on the best offer. This 2015 is no different, with shoppers going gaga over the sales. Here are pictures from the crazy Black Friday this year.

bf saleA board outside a shop in London before Black Friday

bf1Shoppers queue up outside Best Buy in New Jersey

bf5A woman carrying the multitude of shopping bags from the Black Friday purchase

bf2Shoppers on their way to the stores in a mall on Black Friday

bf4People queuing up outside a Best Buy store in Virginia

bf3Customers streaming into a store on Thanksgiving evening for early Black Friday sales in New York

black_friday_crowdsCrowds thronging a store on Black Friday



People waiting outside a Macy store in New York


Shoppers waiting for a GAME Store to open in Manchester.


People waiting to get inside a Toy R Us store in Times Square


People set up camp outside a store before Black Friday to get an early start on the deals and offers

Shoppers take part in Black Friday Shopping at a Target store in Chicago

Black Friday Sales at a store in Chicago.

Shoppers enter the Herald Square Subway station after early morning Black Friday Shopping in New YorkA shopper carrying the several bags from the Black Friday sales

bf scrambleThe frenzy at Black Friday

blackfridayThe mad rush on Black Friday

goodbye bf

A sign at the exit of a store.

So Long Black Friday! Until we meet next year!