10 Ways to Respect a Photographer

10 Ways to Respect a Photographer


10 ways

A photographer’s profession is as complex and critical as anyone’s profession. It isn’t an easy job. A camera doesn’t define a photographer. His work will speak volumes for him. But there are many out there who assume it is an easy job that anyone and everyone can do it. And many don’t respect the photographer or his profession for just the same. If it’s an easy job, then do try giving it a hand and then you will know the intricacies and complexities behind every single photograph. One should respect a photographer and his profession. It is an art like no other. A lot of thought and ideas are put into each and every photograph. And they deserve the respect given to any other profession.

Here are ten ways which will give you an insight into respecting a photographer, be it your friend and his profession.

1st way


1st way second part


2nd waty


3rd way


4th way


5th way


6th way


7th way


8th wya


9th way


10th way


-Written by Aishwarya Valliappan