We often come to know about new developments and launches in the photography industry and wonder how Canon or Nikon’s new cameras would be like, what all they have to offer, which is better etc.

Melbourne based photographer BURAK ERZINCANLI, has recently posted Future Predictions About PhotographyHere is the chronological list for you all.

2022 – Nikon announces D900, a smaller DSLR with 75-megapixel resolution and 8K video capability.

2023 – A photographer finally manages to accumulate $1,000 of sales on stock photography. (by Jerome Courtial)

2024 – Canon announces its first medium-format camera: Canon EOS 3D.

2025 – HDD becomes obsolete and finger-sized M2 drives are used in pocket-sized NAS systems.

2027 – Leica declares bankruptcy.

2027 – Fstoppers publishes the 500th camera bag review

2028 – Fujifilm insists on skipping full-frame mirrorless cameras.

2029 – AmazonBasics full-frame mirrorless camera becomes a top seller. Compatible with all major lens brands and sizes. Free to Amazon Prime users with unlimited cloud storage. (by Mike Stuart)

2029 – Google finally launches Google Glass with an improved camera.

2030 – Google cancels Google Glass project due to complaints about privacy.

2030 – 8K monitors become the new standard.

2030 – Sony mirrorless camera owners still use their cameras with Metabones adapters.

2031 – Sony increases battery life by 10 percent on their A-series.

2032 – The portrait of the new U.S. president is shot by the new iPhone Z.

2032 – Stills photographers will completely be replaced by videographers. 50-megapixel images will be able to be pulled from the 16K video footage. AI will select the best shots so no need for art directors. (by Paul Zuckerberg)

2033 – Sony introduces lens-shaped cameras with the sensor embedded inside the glass.

A Photography Studio (California, 2032)

2033 – AI will replace retouchers. (by Paul Zuckerberg)

2034 – People can order custom-made cameras from big companies.

2035 – True hybrid cameras (combination of DSLR and mirrorless) become common.

2036 – FPS in sports photography is not an issue anymore as most users pick the best frame from their 32K 240fps videos.

2037 – Product photography completely dies due to evolvement of photo-realistic CGI.

2037 – Wedding photographers start having financial difficulties as the automated silent drones become common in industry.

2038 – Architectural photographers no longer exist, one-week trained operators scan the buildings and AI do the rest.

2038 – E-commerce companies no longer hire full-time fashion photographers, they hire 3D artists and use animated human models for showing the products on model.

2039 – Last Pentax user dies at the age of 60.

2040 – HDR becomes popular again by hipsters.

2041 – Street photography becomes rare as people and places from all around the world become identical.

2045 – Photo tours to the South Pole start from 0.0005 bitcoin after the effects of global warming.

2047 – People don’t even bother to capture special moments with their phones, they can buy and download all kind of photos from Facebook, which tracks people everywhere in the nick of time.

2050 – 16-core, 32 thread chips are used in cameras and all processing can be completed in camera and mobile devices.

2055 – First quantum computer for consumers is introduced by Apple, five years after Microsoft.

2060 – Videographers start losing jobs, once again because of 3D technology.

2070 – The last photographer who earned money from photography dies of a heart attack.

If you have your predictions, please share in the comments below