This 9 Year Old Wedding Photographer is High in Demand!

This 9 Year Old Wedding Photographer is High in Demand!


A 9-year-old puny photographer is lavishing the brides with her stunning photographs, since a long. Scotland based, a young feminine photographer named Regina Wyllie is now being the talk of the town. It all started when she was just 3, looking at her father who is also a popular photographer Kevin Wyllie (KSG Photography) and learning techniques to click a nice shot every time she happened to take pictures. She had accompanied her father in his bike race where she learnt the largest of tricks and rules of photography that time. Leaving her toys behind she caught her dad’s Canon G9 and started shooting pictures of bikes and bikers. That’s where the story of this little photographer began.

Now the 9-year-old is fast on track, as she’s being requested personally by brides to go with her father’s wedding shoots. But not only are wedding clients requesting the youngster, when she was 7 years old, a photo she took at one of Kevin’s “trash the dress” shoots was picked up for a ThinkTank campaign. Not to mention when Kevin was asked to shoot a comedian for a local magazine, Regina tagged along and, of course, her shot was picked over her father’s for the magazine!

The moral of the story? Don’t underestimate 9-year-olds.