Japanese camera brand Yashica was first established in 1949, but they’ve “been silent” in the industry for more than 10 years. They’ve announced their newest product—a Yashica digital camera called the Y35.

The Yashica Y35 is a new ‘digiFilm’ camera that shoots digital photos with the help of pretend rolls of film.

The size and feel of the Y35 is modeled after a previous Yashica camera, the Electro 35. It has the same compact body and no LCD display screen on the back—a fact that presents a unique digital device experience.

The Y35 features a 1/3.2-inch CMOS sensor that shoots 14-megapixel photos and a 35mm f/2.8 glass lens. The camera is designed to “recapture the joy and meaning of analogue-photography” while “eliminating the time and expense required for film development.”

To use the Y35, you’ll have to carry the digiFilm with you. Each digiFilm canister isn’t film, but a series of saved picture settings that alter aspect ratios, graininess of the image, and more. (Thus replacing the settings menu on a standard digital camera.) There are four different digiFilm rolls currently available: ISO 1600 high speed; ISO 400 black and white; ISO 200 for standard color photos; and 120 Format that’s made with Instagram in mind. All images are stored off the digiFilm and on an SD memory card.

The Y35 comes with other quirks that challenge the conventions of digital cameras. One feature, for instance, requires you to “advance the film” using the lever located near the shutter. And because the device lacks an LCD screen, there’s no way to review your photos after you take them. But the company doesn’t see this as a downside; to them, it forces you to be more considerate of what you snap.

Here are some sample photos with their corresponding digiFilm rolls:

Yashica Camera Y35Yashica Camera Y35Yashica CameraYashica Camera

Features and specs of the camera itself include a built-in viewfinder, a minimum focusing distance of 3 feet (~1m), 5 shutter speeds (1s, 1/30s, 1/60s, 1/250s, 1/500s), a micro USB port, a tripod mount, a battery port for 2 AA batteries, and an advanced automatic mode that helps properly expose shots.

What the camera lacks is an LCD screen for reviewing your photos and a way to delete any photo you’ve captured.

“Using YASHICA Y35 is a journey to the truth—there is no instant gratification of a review screen, no delete button, and no hiding from mistakes,” Yashica says. “The world seen from the viewfinder of Y35, might be a little slower, a little prettier, transporting us back to a time when we all pay a little bit more attention, and causing us to care each shot before clicking the shutter – because it must solid the first tie or the moment is lost.”

Yashica is now pre-selling the Y35 through a Kickstarter campaign, where a contribution of about $125 will get you the best deal on a camera and the ISO 200 digiFilm. A pledge of $150 will get you the camera and all 4 types of digiFilm.