Kingfisher Calendar 2016 is out as the most Sensuous Outlet till date...

Kingfisher Calendar 2016 is out as the most Sensuous Outlet till date . Added is the Unknown Fact of Swimsuit Modelling


Now it is the age to tout much of the inexpicable fantasies and beauties . As the measure ,to apprehend the Kingfisher Calendar 2016 launch festival which shall be the shattering show off for the not much viral Pirelli Calendar .

Maya Hendricks, Aisha Sharma, Noyonita Lodh, Sushrii Shreya Mishra and Aishwarya are the models caught as the victory of  attaining sublime beauties .

Noyonita-Lodh-kingfisher-calendarAisha-Sharma-kingfisherEfforts on the ground to tanscend the existing level of calendar quality , the photoshoots were taken around as many as alluring spots widely spread .

NOYONITA-kingfisher-calendarSushrii-Shreya-Mishra-kingfisher-calendarAtul Kasbekar lays down the effective working, needed for this season’s shoot and not likely the early day’s merriment sessions while photographing . Subsequently , he dissects into the scene and stabilizes that he has the best occupation in the world (“14 years! Though the girls are getting younger and younger, and now some call me ‘Atul Sir’”).


“In the history of the calendar, this was easily the worst weather ever,” he puts forth . “It rained non-stop for two straight weeks.”

He is now trying to destroy the stereotypical impression over the ‘ swimsuit modelling ‘ as the cause being a horrendous gulf between the viewers and modelling industry . He is one most desired swimsuit model photographer across the globe .

Nicole-fariasarah_jane_dias_kingfisher_calendar_atul_kasbekarHis relief statement meant “The biggest misconception is that they are necessarily thin with big breasts. In fact, a great swimsuit body needs to be athletic, toned and very very fit. Proportionately long legs are a big bonus.”