How To Make Money From Your Photographs

How To Make Money From Your Photographs


Most people take photos when on the road, upload them to social media and never think about them again. Unfortunately for them, they may be missing out on an opportunity to earn extra cash. These days, there are several apps that allow even amateur photographers to earn some extra cash with their travel photos.

1. ScoopshotScoopshot lets brands set up paid tasks for photographers, although you also have the option to shoot what you wish and sell it in the Scoopshot store for your own price. The app sends out daily photo and video contests, with the winner chosen by the community, helping catapult users to notoriety.

2. Clashot (iOS & Android, free). Clashot helps you use smartphone photos to travel on the cheap by selling them on the paid stock image site Depositphotos, making on average $0.44 per sale. You’ll also receive offers from brands looking for photos and app alerts for photo shoot opportunities. According to Clashot, a photographer’s best chances of earning come with shooting pictures with interesting plots and art aesthetics, as well as shooting photos at well-known events.


3. FoapWith Foap, photographers get a clear price of $5 per photo sold in the Foap Market. Photographers are also given missions from brands, like taking photos of “hands holding street food” or “an inspiring home” for a reward of $100. There’s also a social aspect, offering users the ability to follow others, like their photos and comment on pictures.

4. SnapwireSign up and let the app know what your shooting style is, then be taken to a contest proposal instantly. For example, I was offered a potential prize of $100 to submit a “Summer Where You Live” photo (although, with 3,321 photos already submitted, my chances were slim). There’s a game component, as well, with photographers starting as “Explorers” and moving their way up the ranks based on nominations and sales. Higher levels get offered the chance to submit more photos, gain more exposure and have brands contact them directly.

5. Be an Instagram rockstarThis tactic really only works if you have a decent Instagram following, but there are many brands out there willing to pay “influencers” for sponsored shares. While they’ll sometimes come to you, Instagrammers can up their chances by joining networks like the BlogHer Influencer Network, IZEA, Speakr and The Mobile Media Lab.


6. Sell your images back. One tactic I’ve used when traveling to make some extra cash is to follow up with the restaurants, tours and hotels I photograph on the road and offer to sell them my shots. You’d be surprised how many are willing to compensate for great images to use on their social channels and marketing materials. Bonus: I can set my own prices and don’t need to pay a marketplace commission.

7. Set up an online store. If you’re a bit tech savvy you can set up your own WordPress photography shop — I personally use the WooCommerce plugin on my WordPress blog to add a shop feature — or use sites like SmugMug, Etsy and PhotoShelter. These options are my favorite, as you name your own prices. If this isn’t imperative to you, apply to stock sites like iStockphoto, Fotolia and Shutterstock. A number of sites also let you design totes, laptop skins, mugs and other items with your pictures, like RedBubble, Society6 and CafePress.