Chinese Company Godox is being accused of Patent Infringement by Swedish Profoto

Chinese Company Godox is being accused of Patent Infringement by Swedish Profoto

Profoto A1 Vs Godox A1

Swedish Company, Profoto, is all set to sue the Chinese Company Godox for stealing it’s Profoto A1 round head Flash concept. Godox actually recently gave a teaser of their new round flash V1, a rival to the Profoto A1.

Godox V1 is a true copy of Profoto A1, be it in looks, design, features or specs. However, Godox V1 is believed to be going to be way cheaper than Profoto Rivalry A1.

Godox V1 Flash is capable of functioning as a standalone on Camera TTL Flash as well as “Wireless Command Center” for other Godox Speedlights and monolights.

Here is a hands on video of Godox V1 by Photographer Robert Hall:

And here is a detailed field review of Profoto A1 by Pixel Village:

In a recent press release by Fotosidan, Profoto has said “Profoto takes its intellectual property right seriously and will initiate legal action against such flash manufacturers and/or distributors that take part in any infringing activities as soon as Profoto patents are issued,”.

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