Brough Superior 986cc of 1929 sold for 3.03 Crores, was the Costliest...

Brough Superior 986cc of 1929 sold for 3.03 Crores, was the Costliest Bike ever in London auction


For the frenetic riders who chase the cliffs and the traffic on roads with the powerful vroom by rhyming the successful riff on the ‘ lap championship ‘ , here is a bike with the most artistically designed motor and the surface, back during 1929 . Ideally , it was the one most expensive bike went on in a public auction .


Brough Superior 986cc SS100 Alpine Grand Sports was bid by many buyers in London where the sell-off came to an end with the rate teetering GBP 315,000 (Approx 3.03 crore) .


Where it was the same Brough Superior but SS80 model that won under hammer for GBP 291,200 early in 2012 .

Brough Superiors were an idiosyncratic piece of motor craft till date and the count of about 3,048 units of 19 models were designed and out sourced in 21 years . Being an over rated motorbike hitherto the series were owned only by few ‘ high man on the totem pole ‘ .


E. Lawrence, a World War 1 British Army officer was one among the fat cats and added is that he had 8 of these bikes and he met his demise while riding SS100 Alpine Grand Sports that was taken away in the recent bidding bout in London .


Those were the time between 1920 and 1930 when Brough Superiors raved the race tracks conferring several victories . 383 models of SS100 were released between 1924 and 1940 . The engine individuality topped as the SS100 ( Super Sports ) were loaded and ignited by Matchless 1000cc overhead valve V-twin engines .