Breathtaking Underwater Photography

Breathtaking Underwater Photography


Well considering the initial stage , no one had achieved the heights without hardships , and each was an amateur at the beginning . The truth is , consistency will evolve oneself as an excelling creator eventually . Be whatever the stream there always are beginners .

Following are the few methods and the information as a guide to make a worthy portfolio .

Applies for both the starters and the mastery sub-aquatic photographers .

Underwater Photography comprises a lot things to focus upon

  1. Equipment rendering techniques
  2. Stand point choosing method
  3. Lighting proficiency
  4. Characteristics of light undersea
  5. Opting the subjects

Construction of the photo


Photographer should be precise about the way of shot which the subject fits in prominently . A landscape or portrait view are the primary thought to work on . The most pictures become a good one only if the perspective fits as ‘ get down and shoot up ‘ . Never try to be ignorant while shooting , don’t chop off the parts of the subject knowing or unknowingly . Capturing the whole body would form a pleasing picture when you flip through .

Broad or Wide angle Photography


Pick , broad a lens to shoot under water . Mentioned is , leave a compromisable amount of water between the camera and object . It isn’t ‘ right camera setting ‘ , the must know factor is to improve or modulate the light settings for the specific conditions of light in an ambience . f/8 or f/11 would fit when the summer shots are to be targeted with the shutter force at 1/125 or 1/160 .

Macro undersea Photography

Ximena Olds - Honorable Mention Novice Macro

The main principle for a good macro flick is to maintain the minimal distance between the lens and the object . Excluding the amount of water would be the right way to manufacture a clear and structured image . Don’t be daunted to use the strobe in the way you wish to experiment . It’s always the streamline to look for a clear focus which can be the win only if the main focal point is given importance . If managing to capture a fish , then the shot would be efficient if the focus be the eyes of the subject and by ingraining the contrast between the background and foreground gives you a best snap .

Vogue Photography


This is a trending concept where we are sunk under the fashion world at the moment . The very cautious thing to focus on while doing a fashion photoshoot is pre planning or fixing a correct viewpoint or perception . Selecting the models be the dominant aspect to look for . The best photographs paves in when the model be efficient and water friendly than good looking .