A skier shot ‘ The Matrix style – Bullet time ‘ with...

A skier shot ‘ The Matrix style – Bullet time ‘ with his iphone 6


Levitating an imagination will profoundly make changes at the end of our task . ‘ Bullet-time ‘ flick can be arrested by assembling the cameras metastasized around the matter. Having known about the ‘ Matrix-style ‘ bullet time we certainly can envisage the competency level of photographing a subject. Nicolas Vuignier, a trained skier has been trying to invent an especial technique to use a single handheld camera while skiing. He has his iphone 6 tied in a lengthy rope , swinging it around for capturing random subject leaving perceptions to the camera.


Terming the innovation as ‘ Centriphone ‘, Vuignier allocates the assignment of taking wide range of images all around his skiing locale, to his iphone 6.

Vuignier when spoke, mentioned that he had spent couple of years in researching a new form or method of photographing subjects which shall comfort his skiing without having to struggle for a perfect picture of him on the spot. Perhaps, an unique mount fitted for holding the camera firm on it’s base say directly onto the swinger.

He says It’s “100% shot with the iPhone 6,” he says, and “no iPhones were harmed during the making of this video.”