A Mother who killed her 2 year old Child is now a...

A Mother who killed her 2 year old Child is now a Photographer


In South Florida a photography business ‘WEST PALM BEACH’ is now on its way relating Casey Anthony and the suit’s address to a private investigator which also is connected to a mother of a 2 year old baby, Caylee who was mercilessly murdered by her mother. 

The photography of Case , LLC was delivered last November and the documents were produced to the Florida Division of Corporations. DailyMail.com were the first mode of information of this case. 

Patrick McKenna who is popularly known as one of the investigator is said to be a person linked to the address where this business is ready to hail from, in a while.

The murder of a 2 year old child by her mother has gone viral throughout the web and went on live broadcast while McKenna was handling this allegation.