100 years of Vogue Fashion in Photographs

100 years of Vogue Fashion in Photographs



Enhancing ourselves for self cause, as beauty is the overriding component and being to eliminate the dictatorial part of ourselves by fabricating it on with  more peace by laying several sheaths of creativeness . Vogue as an emotion bound to the fancy world is here for funding the merrymaking next year .


The British Vogue Is celebrating it’s 100 years of establishment and the blooming of it since it’s commencement by upcoming year 2016 . The National Portrait Gallery will be supremely appreciating the portrait , beauty and fashion throughout the globe .


As by the year 2016 be “ Vogue 100 “ mentioned as ‘ A centenary of style ‘ . The Conde Nast documantation will be the first and foremost time be showcasing about 280 blocks of prints , financed by Leon Max will be running from February 11 to May 22 .


Alexandra Shulman as the CEO states that

“ Anybody interested in photography , fashion , fame and magazines will find this an unmissable experience “ .


Alexandra Shulman

The other statement in the gathering was “I am incredibly proud of this collection of exceptional photography and of the whole concept of the exhibition, which shows the breadth and depth of the work commissioned by the magazine as well as  Vogue’s involvement in the creation of that work,”.


The National Portrait Gallery


The National Portrait Gallery is the place for fashionistas to venture the profundity of real fashion and the provoking habitation of the elegancy and the metamorphosis passing on from hands to hands with grooming ascend by the every swap .


The view of National Portrait Gallery from outside

Dr Nicholas Cullinan curator of international modern and contemporary art at Tate Modern


“British Vogue has played a pivotal role in the development of photographic portraiture over the past century, commissioning leading photographers and designers to produce some of the most memorable and influential images in the history of fashion,” was the orate delivered in the congregation by Dr Nicholas Cullinan , director of the gallery .


Victoria Beckham – The Cover Girl Of Vogue Australia August 2015


He also revealed the greetings for the luminary editor in-chief  “We are extremely grateful to Alexandra Shulman and her team for giving us unprecedented access to the treasures of the Condé Nast archive and for allowing us to present a panoramic view of this hugely important British institution on a scale that has never been seen before”.


Katia and Leon Max

Then by the conclusion of the talk Leon Max phrased “I have always had an interest in art and fashion so it was a natural fit for Leon Max to support Vogue 100: A Century of Style, an exhibition celebrating two institutions:  Vogue  and the National Portrait Gallery”.


Robin Muir


Vogue Unseen

Robin Muir as a conservator mentions that the fashion in Vogue factory had fixed a major uplift in the vogue era with so much to contribute at every stage added with the maximum of innovations , arts , crafts , beauty and presentation  .