What does a Professional Photographer Carry?

What does a Professional Photographer Carry?


Everytime i post a picture in My website/Page/Twitter or in Any Social media people always have the habit of asking How i shot this picture and with what equipment i shot those picture. Well the how will be explained through all my blog posts where as the What will be answered just right at this blog.

Body :

Having started my Photography with 35MM Minolta was my first Film SLR until i got introduced Digital photography through Canon in 2004. Ever Since im a faithful canon guy. Having used 350D,5D during my early days Currently im sticking to two 5D Mark II and 7D Bodies.

Most of My Photography is done through 5D where as the usage of 7D comes for sports,wildlife where it requires immense speed. 7D does great justice with its speed and crop factor suits well for my cricket and wildlife shots.

Phase One :

Long awaited Phase one 645 DF Medium format Kit. Produces EPIC Image quality but slow when compared to the 35 MM Advanced DSLRs. Suits more for person who got used to film days. The Highlights and Tonality is of absolute perfection.

Lens :

Canon 16-35 F2.8 L II :

I use this  Ultra wide angle lens very hardly. Mostly this is used for Landscapes and Architecture and Interior Shots.

Canon 24-70 F2.8 L :

The KIT Lens which i carry full time with 5D MK II. This satisfied most of my needs and 90 % of my shots are made only with this lens. An Excellent All rounder perhaps.

7D and 70-200 Makes a perfect Combo. Use this lens for most of lowlight shots coz of the Fast Aperture. Try to experiment this with Sports,abstracts and Slowshutter abstracts and Slowshutter landscapes.

Canon 50MM F 1.2 L :

Always love Block lenses for the sheer quality and Tonality it offers. Use this for few landscape,abstract and portrait shots. Love to pan these lens during street photography though.

Canon 100 MM F 2.8 L :

An excellent lens for Portraits. Use this as dedicated portrait lens for all my portrait shoots. Skin tones and Tonality is of absolute perfection. Love to use this for few abstracts and patterns apart from portraits. This produces dazzling Macros with ease.

Canon 500 MM F4 IS L :

My favorite full time sports lens. Love the speed it offers during sports shoots. Focus and Speed if of top-notch quality. I Chose 500 over 600 coz of the weight and size factor. This is portable enough to carry it with my in flights rather than having put this in luggage. Cant risk such a good lens to be carried by flight cargo though. I use them full time with my Manfrotto Monopod. The Panning options in this lens is of sheer delight and provides top notch quality in Sports and Wildlife. I used this for one of low light photography and was amazed by its output. I love to try these with few slow shutter experiments too.

Bags :

The ones which carry all my equipments safe and sound . At times a fashion statement. The Kind of bag i use depends on the type of shoot i do and mode of travel. I trust Lowepro,Kata,Thinktank and the unbreakable Peli Cases for my equipments.

Kata   – 3n1

Use this when i would carry my 5D MK II with 24-70 Attached and 7D with 70-200 attached. The top shelf gets me space for filter box and a 50 or 100 mm.

Kata – Fly by 77 :

This is most probably my On-Location bag. This would hold most all my equipments,chargers,cards,filters. Trolley feature makes it easy for portability. The yellow padding adds great appeal and it makes way to find the equipment easily.

Lowepro – Computrekker Plus

Most Spacious,Most comfortable bag i trust for years. Used this in most challenging conditions and this proves its worth . Use this to carry most of my equipments along with my laptop. The cushioning adds greats comfort for long time trek without feeling the pain of the equipment inside.

Lowe Pro Runner :

I use this to carry my Phaseone 645 DF during street photos or 5D with 24-70 and 70-200. Very lightweight but sturdy though

Think tank Airport Takeoff :

Probably the only Flight carry in bag with trolley and backpack feature. Use this to carry most of my equipment for my oversees shoots. Tons of space for equipments,passports,cards,documents,tripods.

Pelican 1510 Case :

The Tanker by all means. This carries all my equipment safely. Would love to carry my 500 MM or all my equipment in this destructible case.

Tripods :

Manfrotto :

Having specialized in Landscapes for years a Solid Tripod is a must. Manfrotto has been serving me for years together in most demanding/hard situations.055X Pro b serves me for all landscapes/slow shutter shots like a rock. The collapsable center column makes easy to get down as much as possible &  Manfrotto Monopod helps me carry my 500 MM during wildlife and Sports Shoots. Offlate carrying lots of weight makes me slow thats when i got adopted to Gitzo 3542 LS a Rock solid,light weight tripod.

Accessories :

Canon Shutter release cable, Hahnel Wireless Trigger,Hahnel wireless video trigger,Canon 580 Flash,Memory cards,Color space UDMA backup device,Battery grip,Lee Glass Slide Filters.

Laptop :

Apple Mac Book Pro 17 inch.

This workhorse stays with me all time. Amazing picture quality,slim,normal weight with loads of features makes this a perfect work machine for all purpose.


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