Though, Nikon D810 is a fabulous camera with loads of features packed in it and has many technological advantages over Sony A7S Mirrorless Camera, still we often hear Professional Photographers in the Industry making the switch. Here, is a story shared with us by a Professional Photographer from France, Paris, Yohan Sancerni, known for his stunning Wedding and Portrait works, an article exclusively shared with Light Art Academy
Before we proceed, let’s have a look at this amazing video of his Behind the Scenes work with Sony A7S for his Wedding and Portrait Shoot:

For as long as I remember, I have been using Nikon’s gear as a Professional Portrait and Wedding Photographer in Paris. I feel really attached to this brand since the first day I got my hands and eyes on it.

But time changes, technology as given to photographers and the possibility to lighten their equipment bags without loosing anything in terms of performance. I started to be interested in Sony’s latest products of its A7 series after I traveled to Ethiopia for documentaries, I couldn’t really take out all my gear without anyone noticing, in a non-intrusive way, it almost ruined my work. I finally purchased the A7S in December, 2014 as a second camera, with a lot of fear of being disappointed as a Nikon User.

But, it was just incredibly astonishing. A new universe in photography, a new way of picturing and no more back pain. I usually had to carry at least 2 bags for an outdoor shooting, now, all fits in one, and its 2 times lighter. My Nikon D810 is just sleeping in its bag from last 2 months.

I do Weddings, Portraits, Street Photography, Indoor and Outdoor Shoots. The small inconveniences of the Sony’s Mirrorless, such as battery lifetime, are easily forgotten when you start shooting with it, i really felt a new kind of pleasure in taking pictures.

Today, I can carry my Sony A7S camera all around, even when i am not shooting, it fits in every bag, easy to use and not that intrusive.

I really wanted to share my experience with all the photographers out there and show them, that we can really see something new coming in Mirrorless camera. And Sony, in my opinion, is doing a hell of a good job on that, and its simply Awesome!

So I recorded my last wedding outdoor shooting, in the earth of Paris, using my A7S with a 16-35mm F4 Zeiss lens. I could shoot for around 2h30 with 1 battery, i recommend having at least 3 batteries for a day shooting.

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Thanks Yohan for sharing this Beautiful Video and lovely article with us, we wish you all the world’s success in your career.


  1. You may want to hear my Sony A7s support horror story before you make such a move…
    They asked me to send in my camera, which was in like new condition to evaluate whether the rubber grips were causing me to get contact dermatitis.
    Today, a month later, after no contact from Sony, I eventually traced my camera to a repair facility in Connecticut, where they informed me that I had to pay $403 for the repairs before they would release it to me or prove it was under warranty.

    Not only did Sony not bother to tell me any of this, the repair was to replace the LCD and all associated circuitry and calibrate the camera.

    Sony obviously damaged my camera somehow and they expect me to wear this?
    Shocking behavior.

    I still haven’t had the call from the higher management they promised me today.

    Personally, I would stick with Nikon, because as a professional, you want support of your gear when you need it.

    • Hi there,

      Its is an unfortunate thing that happened to you, i hope it will not on my side.
      The story you are telling reminds me of my experience with Nikon D600 and the captor dots problems, I spent 6 horrible months without my camera and never could get rid of that problem, nikon didn’t want to ear a thing… i had to sell it at the end.
      I think your story is a event that can occurs everywhere for any brand. Let’s not make any generality out of this 🙂