Sunco 4K action camera is much popular among action cam lovers. It has SONY179 8MP sensor, 4K Video Resolution, Mp4(H.264) Video Record Format, jpg Photo Record format, 16m Photo Resolution. It has 30 meters depth under clean water, has 2″ LCD Screen(16:9), It has motion detection, has Microphone/Speaker. It comes with the 900mAh Battery Capacity. It has some more exciting features which you can enjoy while using Sunco Action Cam.


The camera shoots 4k, Time Lapse and Slow Motion too.

This will be a good choice for those who find GoPro out of their budget. Also, it includes many accessories in the box itself.

Included Components camera, battery,waterproof case,base mounting, helmet base+adhesive, data cable,handlebar mount,switch,ribbon,base,clip mount,back case

The video performance, slo-mo and underwater can be seen in the video below.

It can shoot at the below resolutions:

  1. 4K 24fps
  2. 2K 30fps
  3. 1080p 60fps
  4. 1080p 30fps
  5. 720p 30fps

In slow motion, it shoots in two resolutions viz. 720p 120fps & VGA P240. The low-light and wide-angle performance of this camera are also satisfactory.

Underwater it shoots at 120fps. Also, the casing is also good for this price.

The camera gives an angle of view equivalent to about 16mm but is not as wide as the GoPro. The image quality is acceptable in good lighting, that is until you zoom into the details.

Despite its shortcomings, the Sunco Action Camera offers quite a bit at the price point it’s available for… 4k video recording, control over exposure compensation and White Balance, a bunch of accessories, and WiFi connectivity. It would have been an added bonus, had the image quality been good without the extreme noise reduction. This would be a good buy for adventurers buying their first action camera.


The camera is available for a price of just INR 7490 here.