27 million Photographs are secretly preserved underground in a Sub zero Temperature...

27 million Photographs are secretly preserved underground in a Sub zero Temperature in an Undisclosed location


The mature way of living are to be said when we build a tendency to protect our belongings , mentioned not to lose the necessity of it’s non-extinction . Our world is running out of any standard method to save the photographic treasures since the development being done in the photographic stream are more tinkered that it is now the situation , the jiffies are captured in less than a second and so cherishing those scenes by bringing back the span again by envisioning are not too seriously contemplated by us .

But there are archivists who determine each and every clicks as some source of intimacy with the history and so is this muniment in the Western Pennsylvania . Here are some quintessential photographs evidenced underground at the freezer temperature .

It is named as ‘ The Underground ‘ which couldn’t be seen in the map and it is the sepulcher carved into the largely based limestone . A most stupendous making which is palpable and also the cautiousness are well treated by the toughest security in and around the catacomb .

pic-01-large The gateway of Corbis

pic-02-largeThe entrance of Corbis where it has a screen which runs the pictures in sequence .

The early mine of the same basement ‘ Corbis archive ‘ is called ‘ a level four ‘ . The safety arms are always relative to the other raisings like The Pentagon , The White house by the governing body . The interior has the temperature similar to that of freezing Celsius .

ff_caverns_safeguard5_fSub-temperature inside the iron mountain

Collection base does count about 27 millions of pictures under the roof with the concentrated proofing and titling for each . Many of them does not have a duplicating negatives so as to be surely preserved for the historical treasury .


Few are the collective prints of magazine outcomes , the pictures escaped on the paper and the cover slip are observed consciously . Cultural surpasses are profoundly seen in the images captured and so was the concentration netted upon them by ‘ The Underground ‘ archive .

page.f366e42bFinding from the Journal about Corbis Archive at Iron Mountain

The intrigued reason behind the storing method of pictures deep beneath the earth is to restrict the damage caused by the moisture and the high temperature which spoils the images too rapidly .

pict1967_corbis_fpf_pubAir passage which is constructed within keeps the site in a stable cooling ambience throughout .It is a little place of mountains where this particular spot has more than 1500 workers to handle and maintain it .

Iron-Mountain-7The workstation inside Corbis archive

Added are few images from the collections of ‘ The Underground ‘ along the shape and inner elegance of Corbis Archive .

2a6b4f5c20e7c33f8804cc048a030244 Einstein jutting out his tongue

0000dbec_bigManhattan skyscraper in corbis archive

Marilyn-Monroe-strikes-her-famous-pose-in-her-white-halter-dress-from-The-Seven-Year-ItchMarilyn in a white dress

b017577bBettmann vault owned by Bill gates


Jack Kennedy and Jacqueline BouvierJack kennedy and Jacqueline bouvier

Hypnotised Woman Between Two ChairsA woman hypnotized between two chairs

The Beatles Arriving in San FranciscoThe Beatles landing San francisco

” Several of these images transcend cultural import and have, through their ubiquity, entered our collective consciousness “

– Corbis archive .