RIP Picasa . Picasa will no longer be alive from May 1st,...

RIP Picasa . Picasa will no longer be alive from May 1st, 2016


Look back at the days when we used to spend a lot time sitting and editing our photos in Picasa. It had been the best platform for all the photo editors if we count on its performance decades ago. Boldly, it had let us access it’s Lightroom with no cost and for anything it offered. Now, it has become an extinct portal which finds no way to get back into our socializing society as the storing path of all the photographers have routed itself in Google Photos.

This would go active since 1 May 2016, but Google will not be rubbing off all the pictures from galleries of averting the use of this unequalled software on that date.

Picasa will no longer be alive to upload your pictures instead you will be directed to Google Photos to wield all the stocked images.

The portal will still be usable even after changes and the switch over to Google Photos but there wouldn’t be any updates made for the Photo management software.Which gives the sad picture that if you approach to edit your freshly taken pictures or to add some effects, you will no longer be able to feel the pleasure out of it.