100 Unseen Photographs of Gandhi taken by his Nephew

100 Unseen Photographs of Gandhi taken by his Nephew


This blog is about the freedom fighter who had gone through several mishaps in order to retrieve INDIA from British colonial rule . So far we had seen multiple photographs of Mahatma Gandhi taken while on the ground battling to recover our land back .

But these are the pictures captured by his grand nephew on the count of every moment he had found him awake . Around 100 photographs of Mahatma Gandhi are taken by him which would leave us inspiring and a thought triggered to lead a non ostentatious life .

Subsequently, the three rudiments laid by Gandhi to Kanu Gandhi were

  1. He asked him not to use flash while shooting .
  2. Never ask him to pose for the clicks .
  3. Shouldn’t ask for the money from ashram as a support for his photography .


Gandhiji on a weighing scale at Birla house in Mumbai


While stocking funds from people for Harijans aka untouchables


In Sevagram ashram while a marriage was on between a christian man and an untouchable woman


While Gandhiji was laying down during his three-days fast in Rajkot in 1933


In Birla house


People gathered in Madras Presidency to meet the Independence leader in 1946


Clicked while Gandhiji was marching out from his hut at Sevagram ashram


Gandhiji conversing to the bunch of journalists on a boat . He had edited three weekly editions ” Indian Opinion ” (1903-1915) , ” Young India ” till 1942 , ” Harijan ” ( 1946-1948 )


Taken while Gandhi was weaving in a spinning tool named ‘ Dhanush takli ‘


Gandhi stepping out of a van in North west Frontier Province which is now in Pakistan , in October 1938