Dear HCLites,

CLIC – The Photography Club at HCL celebrates its 3rd anniversary. To mark this occasion CLIC brings you “CLIC - SHOOT” an exclusive contest for all the shutterbugs at HCL to showcase your creativity and passion towards photography.

With more than 5400 subscribers and 12000+ photo uploads, CLIC is amongst the most popular passion clubs at HCL

CLIC - SHOOT contest is open for all the HCL employees across the globe. The contest has NO THEME. Employees can choose to submit any 3 best photographs clicked by them. Photographs will be judged on various categories such as “Top 3 best photographs”, “Photo of the Week”, “Top 100 best photographs” and a special award is also given to the “Most liked photos”, i.e., the photograph which has received the most number of online votes (likes) in the contest. HCLites can vote for any of the photographs any number of times.

The Top 3 winners will walk away with exclusive goodies. Top 100 winners will get to win discounted online shopping vouchers. Not only goodies, the winning photographs will also get an opportunity to be exhibited at the exclusive CLIC- SHOOT photo exhibition that will be organised at the KNMA Museum of Arts at Noida, India.

So hurry! Upload your photographs!

Don’t miss this opportunity get your cameras out and start SHOOTing!

Happy CLICing!

Welcome to Light Art Academy Photo Contest


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